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The creative process is an extremely important one, especially in today’s fast paced world! At Scribble Art Studio girls will get the chance to interact with contemporary working artists while creating beautiful works of art! They can also take home the gift of art with our custom made art kits designed to keep the creative juices flowing!


Use Scribble Art Studio for all your art related needs! Whether earning your painting badge or a fun, creative field trip for your troop, we cover it all! The Scribble Art Studio Program makes fulfilling badge requirements fun and easy! Our program includes:


A Studio Visit! (Studio visits run 1 ½ hrs.)
Art Talks! Every instructor at Scribble is a working artist happy to discuss his or her experience as a modern day artist! Find out where artists get their inspiration, what it’s like to show artwork in a gallery, and more. Girls are encouraged to participate in an open discussion!


Time to make some art!
Girls are guided through the process of completing observational drawings and paintings. Classic and contemporary still life artworks will be explored, and step-by-step instructions will show how simple shapes make-up complicated objects. All studio supplies will be available at no extra cost!


Let’s work together!
Lastly the girls will create a mural, experiencing the collaborative nature of art!


Art Kits!
The fun doesn’t have to stop at the studio! Take home an art kit for the remaining badge requirements and hours of creativity. Art Kits contain:

• Canvas Pad, 10 sheets of 9″x12″
• Paintbrush (round)
• 18 tube 4 oz.
• Bonus Paper Doll Drawing Sheet


Studio Visit w/ Art Kit cost $25 per girl.
Studio Visit w/o Art Kit cost $10 per girl.
(Minimum of 5 for a studio visit and maximum of 25)


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