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Code of Conduct

Scribble Art Studio Savannah instructors set up studio for safefy of self and working with others. Studio material care, hands to ourselves and kind communication is discussed and demonstrated. Students that exceed reminders and opportunities to make better choices will need to be picked up for the day and start fresh next class.  Students will most if not every day, the studio is spacious, sunfilled and creatively focused!

Late Payments

Payment is due for group and private lessons on the first day of the session [a specified amount of time for group lessons and at the beginning of each month for private lessons]. All payments received 7 days past the due date will incur a $5 late fee. An additional $5 fee will be added for payments not received within 14 days. Any payment not received within 14 days will cause lessons to be suspended until payment is rendered. Payment can be made in person by phone, mail, online and in the form of cash, check money order, or credit card. Billing updates will be sent for private lessons at the beginning of the month with the updated amount. If updates are received after the first lesson, late fees will incur 7 days from the date the update was sent. If payment amount is in question and enters into discussion/negotiation, late fees may be postponed.



Social Media Photo Release

We love posting photos of our students hands at work! If you do not wish to have photos of your child and their artwork shared on our online channels, copy and paste the following into the box below: “I do not give permission for photos of my child and their artwork to be added to the Scribble Art Studio Facebook page, Instagram, and/or website.”


Mailing List

All personal information given to Scribble Art Studio remains confidential. It is used solely for the purposes of general and emergency contact about your child as well as updates and information about Scribble Art Studio. All students are automatically added to our post mailing list and our email list unless otherwise specified by the client.


Drop-Off, Pick-Up, and Missed Lesson Policies

Children may be dropped off up to 10 minutes prior to scheduled lesson time and picked up 10 minutes after scheduled lesson time has ended.

Students are allowed to miss/cancel lessons. Make-up times are not required or definite, yet possible if agreed upon by you and Scribble Art Studio.

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