Our Team



Geoff Byrne is a local art teacher at St. Andrew's on the Marsh.  Geoff earned his BFA at Alfred Univeristy in New York and MFA in photography from Washington University in St. Louis.  Living along the east coast from Rhode Island to Washington DC and now in Savannah, Geoff incorporates these diverse experiences and an eye for emphasis in bringing out the best of each students work. 

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Christina Farmer is a photographer who grew up in the Savannah area. She has been working with children and with art as a passion for over ten years. She plans to complete her BFA in Photography and Art Education, following with a masters in Art Therapy. Christina has a love for helping children connect with their creativity and helping them explore their imaginations. She believes that we all are artists in our own unique ways and enjoys guiding children in finding their creative niche. Christina also enjoys the adventure of traveling, the therapeutic nature of hiking, and the introspection that live music brings to her!



Paige earned her MAAE at George Washington Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington DC.  She is now in the MFA painting program at SCAD & teaching in public schools.  Paige shares her love of storytelling and nature in her work. Paige loves to point out the possibilities of materials with students in guiding each artist to create with skill, self-expression and connection. 



Caroline Schwalbe is a senior at St. Vincent’s Academy who’s always shared her love for art courses and working with children. Throughout her high school career, she’s taken three art courses: Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting, and Pottery & Sculpture. Caroline spends most of her time watching kids and interning at a local veterinarian clinic. On her free time, Caroline enjoys hanging out with her family, friends, and her three dogs. She also loves traveling to some places like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Belize. Caroline loves spending her time working with kids to help them learn and grow with their art skills.