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Our Team



Geoff Byrne is a local art teacher at St. Andrew's on the Marsh.  Geoff earned his BFA at Alfred Univeristy in New York and MFA in photography from Washington University in St. Louis.  Living along the east coast from Rhode Island to Washington DC and now in Savannah, Geoff incorporates these diverse experiences and an eye for emphasis in bringing out the best of each students work. 



Lauren Nielson was born in Florida. After learning to love art in high school, she is now studying at SCAD Savannah to get her BFA in painting with a minor in drawing.  After graduating from SCAD she plans to become an art teacher and children's book author. Lauren's mission is to guide and inspire our students by encouraging them to find their motive in the art world.  In her spare time, Lauren enjoys exploring the great outdoors and spending time with her loved ones. She is honored to spend time with your children attending Scribble Art studio & will show them the ropes of becoming an artist! 

I loved having painting class with Lauren at SCAD where she painted a series of enchanting animal characters and nature scenes inspired by real life experience-Paige 



Caroline Schwalbe is currently studying biology and chemistry at Georgia College but has always had a love for art and working with children. Throughout her high school career, she’s taken three art courses: Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting, and Pottery & Sculpture. Caroline spends most of her time watching kids, teaching art, or working with animals. On her free time, Caroline enjoys being with her family and friends in the sun! She loves the outdoors and the peace & creativity it brings. Caroline always loves spending her time working with kids to help them learn and grow with their art skills.



Paige earned her MAAE at George Washington Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington DC.  She is now in the MFA painting program at SCAD with thesis painting series about Savannah Squares & teaching at Hancock Day School.  Paige shares her love of storytelling and nature in her work. Paige loves to point out the possibilities of materials with students in guiding each artist to create with skill, self-expression and connection. 



Parker Fariello is from New Jersey and is a current sophomore at SCAD. He is studying to get his BFA in painting, and later plans to get his MFA to teach higher education. Parker has been creating art for as long as he can remember and now mainly paints and draws with pen. He also loves exploring new materials!  Outside of creating art Parker spends time with friends, loves nature, reading and listening to music. Throughout his life Parker attended art classes and camps that shaped him in to the artist he is today which inspires him to do the same for others.

I loved having opportunities to work with Parker in the Summer Seminars where I could see his great work with color and figure painting-Paige

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